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Popcorn sales are a great way for Cub Scouts to learn real-life skills and raise money to help themselves and their pack.

We are doing show-and-sale this year, which means the scouts get to sell real popcorn in-person, which, from the results so far, seems far easier than traditional "take orders for later" or website sales.

Please contact Clayton Finney to get a stock today!

Meanwhile, download the app and be sure your scout is registered so you may start taking orders at:

Register for Pack 0505

District: Twin Bayou

Council: Sam Houston Area Council

Make sure you are correctly registered so that the pack gets credit for the sale.

A load of details for questions and training can be found at:



Show and Sell Replenishment until October 7th
Popcorn Orders Due – November 1st
Popcorn Distribution (unit pick-up) – November 16th
PICK UP FOR SCOUTS -- date and logistics to be announced. Will be as soon as possible after 16 November.......



As an added benefit, the children can earn prizes for their sales. We will be holding several challenges with bonus prizes over the course of the sale—more prizes!

In order to meet our annual budget, we are asking every child to attempt to sell a minimum of $100 of popcorn. (The pack gets a percentage of the gross sales.) If a Scout sells $2500, then they are considered a "Top Seller" and get to go to a district party and also become eligible for a "Lands End Scholarship" for college that can accrue over their popcorn selling career once this is achieved. I'm looking for more detail on this, but it sounds like a great stretch goal for Scouts. *** NOTE if we sell $15,000 total for the pack, then we get 3% extra commission! ***

The goal is for all Scouts to utilize the app themselves. This said, in the real world, we know that Lions, etc. can't yet use one so we suggest you help the scout, but try to get them to use it as much as possible to learn about fundraising and selling, etc. This is about the scouts' learning skills. There are paper forms where you can take cash and checks written to Pack 505 but then this must be put into the app. It is easiest to enter orders straight into the app so you don't risk record-keeping errors. Show and Sell will also use the app. There is an online system where people to whom you have sent your scout's information can also order and have their purchases shipped to them. They will also be able to see this in the app or in their account online. ** You can use credit cards in the app.**


Forms will be handed out. You must receive cash or checks when you take orders. Then this will go into the app by the scout.


Online sales count toward your goals and show up in your account. You may send the link to people all over. Shipping is FREE in the USA.

You may have received an email from Trail’s End about the mobile/online ordering. Those channels ship directly to the buyers. However, you must be certain you are registered for our District and Pack. (Some sales were not credited to the Pack last year.)

Visit to register. If you visit this site you can register your child as a seller of popcorn. Again, you need to make sure to register under our District (Twin Bayou) and Pack (505) for our pack to receive credit for the sale.


We are not allowed to solicit donations. However, if someone offers a donation to the pack (in lieu of buying delicious popcorn), we are allowed to accept those.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Let’s sell some popcorn!

"Kernel" Clayton Finney

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